Suzuki – Vitara Z

08 Sep 2020

Build in 15 speciments for Japan.

Suzuki – SS20 Cervo

17 Nov 2019

Suzuki was the first company to offer a kei car in 1955. One interesting departure from other Kei cars was the Fronte Coupé introduced in September 1971. It was a 2+2 (or a strict 2-seater) Giugiaro-designed mini GT based on the rear-engine Suzuki Fronte, measuring a mere 2995 mm. It used a 359 cc two-stroke engine developing 31, 34 or 37 PS (35 in later…

Suzuki – Carry L40V

07 Nov 2019

In July 1969, the Giugiaro designed L40 Carry was introduced. In November of the same year, a van version with two opening side doors and a top-hinged rear gate was added. Giugiaro’s design was more obvious in the Carry Van iteration, very symmetrical with similar looks to the front and rear. The L40’s design was…

Suzuki – Go

04 Jul 2019

At the Brussels Motor Show in January 1972, Bertone presented the design known as GO. This was a prototype for a hybrid between a pick-up and leisure vehicle. The design was reworked in a more sporty key on the BMW Pickster in 1998. The plastic bodywork was barchetta-style, while the light side lines give the…

Suzuki – Microutilitaria

18 Jun 2019

Real city car ante litteram, the Suzuki Microutilitaria took remarks from treatments used for Rowan Elettrica in 1967 continuing the tendency towards a one-box body while at the same time cutting down the effect of the side glazing. The slightly slanted B-pillar gives the car a raked look and the long frontal extention of the side windows…

Suzuki – SX4

18 Jun 2019