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Alfa Romeo B.A.T.9 VS Alfa Romeo B.A.T.11

The BAT 11 is a concept created by Bertone, commissioned by Gary Kaberle, a former American owner of the BAT 9 prototype, in memory of his deceased wife.

It is precisely to resume the historic Alfa Romeo BAT (a family of cars built by Alfa Romeo in collaboration with Bertone between 1953 and 1955 with the aim of achieving an aerodynamic coefficient value of 0.19) that Bertone and Franco Scaglione propose this complex exercise in style.

There are many references to the progenitor “sisters” of the fifties, from the partial coverage of the four wheels, to the aerodynamic fins at the rear up and the modern interpretation of the split rear window.

The car in particular takes up the Alfa Romeo “scudetto” that appeared for the first time (within the BAT family) in the BAT 9 of 1955, with a front part that ends in a pronounced V shape that precisely encloses the shield of the Milanese car manufacturer, the sideview is characterized by an important line that originates at the end of the “whiskers” that characterize the front which is similar to that of its sister BAT 9; this line follows the front wheel arch and wraps around the windshield continuing to the rear forming two large fins that ends with a thin red LED tail light.

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