Today I recommend the purchase of what was a great help for the creation of

L’Enciclopedia dei Carrozzieri Italiani by Alessandro Sannia
Il Cammello (Turin), 2017 – 664 pages

The Italian bodywork is unique in the world. Extraordinary cars, a creative liveliness and a constructive ability that is impossible to find elsewhere and an incredibly high number of companies and professionals have animated a history that has lasted for over a century. This book, the result of a meticulous and vast research, for the first time deals with all the protagonists of this fascinating story with historiographical rigor and scientific method. The author and his collaborators managed to catalog just under a thousand different subjects, most of which had been completely forgotten and were brought to light for the first time. The introduction by the well-known designer Leonardo Fioravanti and an essay by Umberto Eco make an introduction to the text.

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