Alfa Romeo – Giulia 1600 Sport

Alfa Romeo had not produced a purpose-built racing car for almost a decade when Carlo Chiti’s Autodelta rolled out the ‘TZ’ in June of 1962. In the years before the Italian manufacturer’s racing cars were all modified and even re-bodied road cars. Autodelta was officially independent from Alfa Romeo but received considerably works support and was incorporated in 1964. Both companies decided to use the exceptionally low machine as a basis for a new show car. Bertone was in first with the ‘Canguro‘, launched at the 1964 Paris Motor Show. The highly acclaimed design was penned by Giorgietto Giugaro and shared its basic proportions with Zagato’s original. Plans to produce a limited run were shot down by Alfa Romeo. Pininfarina launched their take on the TZ a few months later, at the 1965 Turin Motorshow. Known as the Giulia 1600 Sport, the car featured a very distinct design. It was penned by the company’s long-time designer Aldo Brovarone, who certainly reached his artistic peak in the mid-1960s, producing a serious of beautiful show and road cars. The Giulia 1600 Sport was certainly no exception. Shown for the first time for almost a decade, the unique Giulia 1600 Sport was brought out for the 2010 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Year 1965
Coachbuilder Pininfarina
Brand Alfa Romeo
Model Giulia 1600 Sport
Production Concept
Designer Aldo Brovarone
Photo Credits Dirk de Jager
Events '65 Turin Auto Show

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