BMW – Turbo

At the Paris Salon in October 1972 BMW unveiled a spectacular design study called the E25 Turbo. Despite its dream car looks and high performance underpinnings, the E25 Turbo was created to showcase a series of pioneering safety solutions. Paul Bracq, head of BMW design, was the E25 Turbo’s architect. It was built by Michelotti in Turin around a modified 2002 unitary steel floorpan. The wheelbase was reduced to 2400mm (nearly 100mm shorter than standard) and the chassis modified to accommodate a mid-mounted engine. Suspension was via a MacPherson strut arrangement at the front and semi-trailing arms at the back. Visually Bracq’s design was a complete departure from anything BMW had produced before. Aside from the trademark kidney grilles there was nothing of BMW heritage. A wedge profile, retractable headlights and Gullwing doors were de rigueur for any mid-engined concept of the era. Where the E25 differed from its peers was its extensive adoption of innovative safety features.

Year 1972
Coachbuilder Michelotti
Brand BMW
Model Turbo
Production Concept
Units build 2
Designer Paul Bracq
Engine 4-Cylinder inline
cc 1990
Horsepower 280

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