Bristol – 412 Convertibile

Bristol introduced the completely-new Type 412 saloon in 1975. Designed as a 2-door convertible, this new model featured a Carrozzeria Zagato-designed bodywork with customized front grille and a removable “Targa”-style roof. This model was fitted with a Chrysler 6.5L V8 unit and a Torqueflite automatic gearbox. Type 412′s first update – the Series 2 – featured a redesigned radiator badge, new bumper, improved interior and a brand new Chrysler 5.9L V8 engine. The Bristol 412 was also available on the North American market and lacked the removable hard top while featuring revised headlamps and a catalytic exhaust system. This model was also known as the 412 USA.

Year 1975
Coachbuilder Zagato
Brand Bristol
Model 412 Convertibile
Production Limited

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