Ferrari – Meera S

This Ferrari was commissioned and named by the King of Arabia’s son, Prince Saoud in honor of his lady of the moment. The Meera has many unusual features for its time including twin air conditioning, electric sunroof, unique instrument binnacle by Michelotti Technica, windscreen wipers on all four sides. An in-dash monitor takes the place of a traditional inside rear view mirror and it has a state of the art sound system built in from new. It also has a unique air exchange system built into the doors and exterior brake ducting. The Michelotti Meera Speciale is also featured in many books. This is a true icon of the oppulent 80’s. This was the last Ferrari built by Michelotti.

Year 1983
Coachbuilder Michelotti
Brand Ferrari
Model Meera S
Production One off
Designer Giovanni Michelotti
cc 4823
Horsepower 315

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