Fiat – 127 Coupè Moretti

Moretti used the Fiat 127 for three principal variants, a coupe, the Midimaxi and the ‘Paguro’, a commercial vehicle available as a van, a pick-up or a van with windows.

The coupe designed by Dany Brawand, was a five seater, two door weighing 735kg (dry) which used the 47bhp 903cc engine to reach a top speed of 145km/h. Standard fitment included ‘sport’ seats (“with adjustable headrests meeting US legislation”), carpet for the whole floor, roll bar built into the roof, dual-circuit brakes and a non-reflective dashboard. Optional extras included seatbelts, metallic paint, alloy wheels, electric windows, an alarm and other items.

Year 1972
Coachbuilder Moretti
Brand Fiat
Model 127 Coupè
Production Limited
Designer Dany Brawand
Engine 4-Cylinder inline
cc 903
Horsepower 47

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