Fiat – 600 Multipla Marinella

This rare and unusual beach car with ‘Marianella’ coachwork by Fissore features semi-circular passenger seating, boat-style wood embellishment to the interior, steering wheel-mounted clock and opening/rigid roof

Looking like something out of a Jetsons cartoon or a 50s science fiction film, it shows a styling exuberance typical of the period. Imagine you are a tycoon or film star on holiday in St. Tropez circa. 1960 – what do you drive from your Riva to your villa? Just like a bespoke suit, you commission an exclusive carrozzeria on the most suitable chassis (the Multipla of course) and voilà: a small series for a wealthy and image conscious clientele is created and given the model name ‘Marianella’.

Year 1957
Coachbuilder Fissore
Brand Fiat
Model 600 Multipla “Marinella”
Production Limited
Designer Giovanni Michelotti
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