Isotta Fraschini – Imperial Landaulet

Inspired by one of the most famous models invented by Castagna in the Thirties, the Imperial Landaulet, this is a modern revisitation of the official vehicle, but now with an elegant sporty appeal. It hides the mechanical parts of a 4-wheel drive with variable ground clearance and an engine with an output of approximately 800hp. Its almost 6 metres of length have been “dressed” in an angular and slightly retro body that is something between a coupé and an MPV. The design and general architecture are dedicated to Castagna’s most well known creations, which made him famous during the “Golden Years”: the Isotta Fraschinis. Let’s take a look at the interior. The interior of the passenger cab is easily accessible through the two doors that open like a book and have no central column: a running board appears automatically, acting as a footrest. The powerful dual xenon front headlights are height-adjustable from inside the vehicle and are complemented by led parking lights, turning indicator lights and fog lights: just like those at the rear. Both the front and rear bumpersare equipped with dynamic air scoops, in carbon fibre, to properly manage aerodynamic airflow and provide cooling for the components. Now a new kind of luxury is born: travelling anywhere in any kind of weather.

Year 2006
Coachbuilder Castagna
Brand Isotta Fraschini
Model Imperial Laundaulet
Production One off

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