Maserati – 5000 GT Frua

In 1959 the Shah, a great Maserati enthusiast, commissioned a road going sports car with the 5-litre race engine. Maserati decided to mount the engine in a modified 3500GT chassis. This car became known as the 5000GT ‘Shah of Persia’ and gave rise to a limited production of ‘custom made’ 5000GTs. The term ‘custom made’ can easily be applied to this model for no two cars were identical even if some of the differences were only minor. Some of the world’s richest and most influential people wanted to own a 5000 GT most notably the Aga Khan, Italian industrialist Giovanni Agnelli and American multimillionaire sportsman Briggs Cunningham. The most common, if you can call 22 out of a total production of 34 cars built between 1959 and 1965 common, 5000 GT was the car with coachwork by Allemano. Allemano’s 5000 GT was conservative in design when compared with the other examples by Touring (3), Frua (3), Monterosa (2), Pinin Farina (1), Ghia (1), Michelotti (1) and Bertone (1) but still oozed class.

Year 1962
Coachbuilder Frua
Brand Maserati
Model 5000 GT
Production Limited
Photo Credits Tim Scott

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