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Milano AutoClassica 2020: the best of

Historic and modern, hi-performances and unforgettable designs. Let’s discover the best of Milano AutoClassica 2020, event that ended on September 27th. One of the main reasons why it is worth visiting exhibitions such as Milano AutoClassica is to have the opportunity to admire cars that are very rarely seen circulating on the streets; on top of all was a exhibition by Pininfarina of rare models and concept cars, on the occasion of the presentation of the book “Pininfarina 90 years”. Carrozzieri-Italiani.com has selected the best of, considering only coachbuilt cars.

Alfa Romeo – Duettottanta

The Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta is a concept based on Alfa Romeo Spider mechanics, built by Pininfarina to celebrate its 80th anniversary, and presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The car was built to commemorate the 80 years of activity of Pininfarina and the 100 years of Alfa Romeo. It is the heir of the Alfa Romeo Spider (Duetto).

Ferrari – Sergio

This Ferrari roofless barchetta called Sergio was designed by Pininfarina. Based on the Ferrari 458 it was presented at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show. The design was inspired by the racing Ferraris of the 70s; as well as being an exercise in style has been conceived with an eye for aerodynamics which is very sophisticated. It has been designed without a roof so both occupants must travel wearing technical clothing like helmet and fireproof suit.

Nash-Healey – Roadster

In 1952 the american car manufacturer Nash commissioned the restying of its roadster to Pininfarina. The updated version of the model was presented in the same year at the Chicago motor show. After this agreement, the Nash-Healey was built at the Pininfarina factories in Turin.

Cadillac – Allantè

The Allanté was assembled in Detroit, with local mechanics mounted on bodywork from Italy and produced by Pininfarina in Grugliasco (Italy), where the bodies were paneled and painted, and then transferred to San Giorgio Canavese in an erected factory specifically for the Allanté where the cars were bodyworked and finally sent to their destination by means of special Boeing 747s, specially set up, with an airlift from Turin Caselle airport. This system gave birth to a series of interesting nicknames such as the flying Cadillac from Italy or the longest assembly line in the world.

Pininfarina Sigma Grand Prix

Using the chassis of a single-seater F1 312 V12 Ferrari, Pininfarina, in collaboration with the Revue Automobile, produced this Grand Prix prototype which included various new safety features. The backbone chassis delimits two compartments for the cockpit and engine which have collapsible structures in front and behind them. The sides are reinforced, the wheels integrated to minimise risk and the spoiler forms a protective roll bar.

Green GT – H2 Speed

Extraordinary performance, sportiness and pure, environmentally responsible driving fun. Its name is H2 Speed and it is Pininfarina’s innovative vision of a high performance track car based on revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell technology already subjected to severe track testing by GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss company which has been designing, developing and producing clean, sustainable propulsion systems since 2008.

Pininfarina – Cambiano

The Pininfarina Cambiano is a concept car made by  Pininfarina, presented at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. In 2014 the car was awarded with the Honorable Mention for the Compasso d’Oro ADI. The original 3-door coupé type of the prototype – one on the driver’s side and two on the opposite side – is a clear reference to Battista Farina’s personal car, built in 1957 on Lancia Aurelia mechanics in a similar configuration, while the name is a tribute to the Municipality of Cambiano, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the “Pininfarina Studies and Research” center, based in that locality of the Province of Turin since 1982.

Alfa Romeo – 6C 2500 SS Coupè

Commissioned by the nobleman Giovanni San Giorgio Gualtieri from Catania in 1949, this Super Sport is an elegant interpretation by Pininfarina. Sold in 1950, it remains a unique specimen and stands out for the presence of the double headlights of equal diameter, adopted on this car probably for the first time in history. The car was exported to England in 1961 and ended in the USA in 1975, returning to Italy only in 2000. Now its part of the famous Lopresto Collection.

Fiat – 124 Coupè Moretti

This rare 1970 Fiat 124 Moretti, partially restored is powered by a 1400 cc engine. It was offered in a bright orange colour for € 37.000.

Fiat – Dino

The Dino was born from an agreement between FIAT and Ferrari, signed for the need of the Maranello house to rapidly build a sufficient number of Dino engines (so called because they were derived from a 1956 project by the late son of Enzo Ferrari, Alfredo, called Dino) to obtain Formula 2 homologation for the Ferrari Dino 166 F2. The Dino Coupé was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1967, with bodywork designed by Bertone.

Fiat – 1100 TV Trasformabile

The Fiat 1100 TV Trasformabile is a fascinating two-seater spider designed by Fiat’s Carrozzerie Speciali department under engineer Fabio Luigi Rapi. Modelled on the American style roadsters favoured at the time, it featured generous chrome trim on the radiator grille in particular, bumper guards, a panoramic windscreen and whitewall tyres.

Alfa Romeo – Montreal

The Montreal was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 1970, but only became available to order two years later. The price was set at 5,700,000 lire. Between 1970 and 1977 a total of 3925 cars were produced. This limited number was due to the decline in popularity of sports cars caused by the oil crisis of the 1970s. It was designed by Gandini at Bertone.

Fiat – 1200 Spider OSI

The Fiat 1200 OSI is one of Michelotti’s many design creations. Back then, car builders could buy a chassis with all mechanical components directly from Fiat, and then dress it accordingly. Like many of the special cars built in Italy during that period, this car is an open spyder built on a Fiat platform; in this case by OSI using the chassis and engine of the Fiat 1100D which, despite its name, had a 1,200cc engine.

Ferrari – 166 Inter Touring

The first Ferrari 166 Inter appeared at the Turin Motor Show in 1948 wearing tall and arguably unsporting coachwork by Touring. While a factory brochure produced that same year used a drawing of this car to illustrate the “166 Sport” and a drawing and photo of s/n 003S to illustrate what was to be called the “166 Inter,” it’s obvious today that these were reversed, with “Inter” being the new designation of Ferrari’s first line of production road cars. Even so, a small number of Inters would be driven in competition, a fact that would also be true of the subsequent 195 and 212 Inter models.

Lamborghini – 350 GT

The Lamborghini 350 GT was a grand tourer manufactured by Lamborghini between 1964 and 1966. It was the first production vehicle produced by Lamborghini. The 350 GT was based on the earlier Lamborghini 350 GTV and was equipped with a 3.5 liter V12 engine and a 2-door coupé body by Carrozzeria Touring. The 350 GT debuted at the March 1964 Geneva Motor Show and production began the following May. The success of this model ensured the company’s survival, establishing it as a viable competitor with rival manufacturer Ferrari.

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