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Est. 1954

Carrozzeria Ellena was founded in Turin by Luciano Pollo and Ezio Ellena in 1954 and headquartered in Via A. da Brescia. Work began with variations on the saloon coachwork of the Fiat 1900 Primavera and on a two-door versions of the Alfa Romeo 1900 saloon. Around 1957, even Ferrari, commissioned a number of Ellena berlinettas on the 250GT chassis.The biggest commercial success was achieved in this period the body torinese concerns, however, a fairly large number of vans were built on the Fiat 600 Multipla chassis. The old location was abandoned in 1958 when he purchased a new factory in Via Palma di Cesnola, again in Turin. Ellena created a luxurious and particularly beautiful car with Fiat mechanicals (the 2300BL representation) in collaboration with the bodywork company Viotti, and produced several copies of a coupe on the Lancia Appia chassis. Other coupes built on the Fiat 1500 mechanicals (one in particular would be the best style offered by Ellena) followed; a spider on a Abarth 1000 frame and a second spider on a Fiat 850 chassis. In the mid-sixties the Torinese company ceased activities and closed.

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