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The Volvo Tundra vs Citroën BX

In December 1975, Citroën embarked on a mission to redefine automotive design with the replacement program for the GS, known as XA. This set the stage for the birth of the iconic Citroën BX—a journey marked by collaboration, creativity, and visionary thinking. Join us as we delve into the story behind the BX, tracing its evolution from concept to reality and exploring the pivotal role played by visionaries like Marcello Gandini and Xavier Karcher in shaping its legacy.

Fiat’s Collaboration with Italian Coachbuilders at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Italy witnessed the emergence of a wide variety of automotive companies, especially between Turin and Milan, at the beginning of the last century. However, over the following decades, these companies gradually disappeared, culminating in recent years with all surviving brands converging under a single entity: Fiat. This phenomenon has seldom been compared to another, equally significant but fundamentally different occurrence, namely the proliferation of automotive coachbuilders. Unlike the automotive companies, the coachbuilders did not experience a similar disappearance, but rather a gradual consolidation, with some even transforming their operations into robust industrial entities.

The Lamborghini P140 Project

As Lamborghini approached the twilight of the 1980s, it faced the daunting task of succeeding the iconic Jalpa. The result was the internal project P140, a venture that transcended the mere replacement of a model; it was an ambitious exploration of design, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of the unmistakable Lamborghini spirit.

Carrozzeria Castagna Milano: A Timeless Legacy

Established in 1849, Carrozzeria Castagna Milano is an iconic name in Italian automotive history. From carriages to luxury automobiles, the company’s journey under Carlo Castagna’s leadership defined an era. Post-war challenges led to closure in 1954, but a 1990s revival, spearheaded by Uberto Petra and Gioacchino Acampora, brought the brand back to life. Today, Castagna continues its legacy with unique creations and collaborations, ensuring a lasting impact in the world of automotive craftsmanship.

The Italian Jaguars: Stylish Symphony of Elegance and Innovation

Italian coachbuilders, renowned for their craftsmanship and design prowess, have left an indelible mark on the automotive world. The marriage of British engineering excellence with Italian design flair has resulted in some of the most striking and unique Jaguars to date. From the golden age of the XK series to the iconic E-Type and beyond, these coachbuilt creations showcase the collaborative brilliance of two automotive cultures.