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The Lancia Aurelia Chassis Register (In progress)

The Aurelia chassis register

We are trying to create a register of all Lancia Aurelia series B50, B51, B52, B53 and B55+B56 chassis.

Below you will find the selectable sheets divided by chassis type. At the bottom of each list you will find the cars that have not yet been assigned a number. The numbers already identified are clickable and redirect to the listing page of our database. When a number is not clickable and some informations are missing, it means that the car was not identified yet. When a car was produced in a small series (such as the B50 Cabriolet Pininfarina) you will find a single listing page dedicated to the model, and not to the single speciment.

We ask for help of all enthusiasts to complete the register. Subscribe to the website and comment below! Happy research to all!

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Paul Mayo
Paul Mayo
1 month ago
Reply to  Andreas

This photo is a puzzle. Could it be reversed? According to the research by Wim Oude Weernink there were only two B56S 1005 and 1006 both Florida types by Pininfarina. They were upgraded from their B55S predecessors. The car that looks like this one by Ghia is B55-1004 dating from Jan to May 1955. It was for sale at Righini Auto in 2011 in White and Black. As far as Weernink records the only other car in the B55-B56 series that did not go to Pininfarina was B55S-1001 which is the Beuttler car which also still exists. My guess is the photo is a left-to-right reversal! Paul Mayo

The Siata 1100 GT shares its bodywork with the Fiat 1100 Charmant, both made by Vignale. Designed by Michelotti, this little yellow gem is part of the Milano Classiche collection in the province of Varese, near Milan.