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1947 Mostra della Carrozzeria Italiana

Lets step back in time to the year 1947, a momentous period marked by the end of a war that left both material and moral devastation in its wake. The echoes of those challenging years are etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to have lived through them. The Mille Miglia revives, symbolizing the resilient spirit of a society yearning for recovery.

The Fiat 1100 Fuoriserie

An elegant convertible, built in 1949 on the popular Fiat 1100 B chassis by Stabilimenti Farina in very few speciments, remains the emblem of this extraordinary coachbuilding of cars in the early 1950s. The resemblance to Ferrari’s 166 Inter is surprising, which let to controversy between Giovanni Farina and Enzo Ferrari.

The Fiat 600 Elaborate

The Fiat 600 was undoubtedly the car that accompanied Italy through the economic boom. When it was presented it was very popular thanks to its modern lines, the brilliant engine and a cockpit large enough to fit the whole family. The demand for the 600 was so high that Fiat was unable to meet the waiting times, so that many relied on the coachbuilders in order to get its small family car sooner, even at the cost of a higher price.

The ‘Linea Tesa’ design by Carrozzeria Boneschi

At the turn of the 60s, Carrozzeria Boneschi, together with the designer Rodolfo Bonetto, gave life to a stylistic movement called “Linea Tesa”. As the name suggests, this design style features knife edged lines and clean cuts, in contrast with the trends of the time. This bravery shown by Carrozzeria Boneschi was not rewarded by success, but it was somehow a precursor of the 70s and 80s style.