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The Villa d’Este Elegance Competition Showcases Citroën Camargue from ASI Bertone Collection

From May 24 to 26, the BMW Group Classic and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este will host the legendary Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The most spectacular cars from different eras and around the world will compete in various categories to win prestigious awards. Among these are the coveted BMW Group Trophy awarded by the Jury, the traditional Coppa d’Oro based on public votes, the Design Award for concept cars and prototypes, and the special ASI Trophy for the best-preserved post-war vehicle.

The Timeless Hexagonal Vision of the Lamborghini Marzal

The Lamborghini Marzal, a masterpiece of automotive innovation, emerges as a beacon of creativity in the dynamic landscape of automotive history. Crafted during the vibrant era of the 1960s, this visionary concept car, conceived by Marcello Gandini at Bertone, stands as a testament to the boundless potential of design and engineering. With its avant-garde aesthetics and groundbreaking technology, the Marzal captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the automotive industry.

The Volvo Tundra vs Citroën BX

In December 1975, Citroën embarked on a mission to redefine automotive design with the replacement program for the GS, known as XA. This set the stage for the birth of the iconic Citroën BX—a journey marked by collaboration, creativity, and visionary thinking. Join us as we delve into the story behind the BX, tracing its evolution from concept to reality and exploring the pivotal role played by visionaries like Marcello Gandini and Xavier Karcher in shaping its legacy.

The Autobianchi Runabout: the futuristic Barchetta

In the vibrant landscape of automotive history, certain vehicles stand as beacons of ingenuity and design. Among these legends resides the Autobianchi Runabout, a concept car that emerged from the creative minds of Bertone and Marcello Gandini in 1969 unveiled at the Turin Auto Salon. It was a time when the automotive world was ripe with experimentation and bold ideas, and the Runabout encapsulated the essence of this era perfectly.

Legendary Designer Marcello Gandini Passes Away at 85

The automotive world mourns the loss of one of its most iconic figures as Marcello Gandini, the legendary Italian car designer, bids farewell at the age of 85. Born in Turin in 1938, Gandini’s legacy is deeply ingrained in the annals of automotive history, leaving an indelible mark on the industry with his innovative designs and visionary concepts.

Franco Scaglione: The Maestro of Aerodynamics

In the automotive design history, Franco Scaglione emerges as a pivotal figure, renowned for his influential work at Bertone. His distinctive touch, characterized by the iconic fins adorning the tail of automobile bodies, solidified his position as one of the industry’s most significant designers. This article delves into the impactful career of Franco Scaglione, highlighting his instrumental contributions to the world of automobile aesthetics

The Lamborghini P140 Project

As Lamborghini approached the twilight of the 1980s, it faced the daunting task of succeeding the iconic Jalpa. The result was the internal project P140, a venture that transcended the mere replacement of a model; it was an ambitious exploration of design, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of the unmistakable Lamborghini spirit.

The Jaguar B99: A Missed Opportunity

The Jaguar B99, born out of the partnership between Bertone and Jaguar, emerges as one such extraordinary episode. In an insightful interview with Michael Robinson, the former president of design at Bertone, we unravel the captivating journey of bringing the B99 concept car to life, a journey marked not only by triumphs but also by the industry’s reluctance to embrace change.

Lamborghini Genesis by Bertone: A Glimpse into the Future

In the illustrious history of Lamborghini, one standout gem that often goes unnoticed is the Lamborghini Genesis, a visionary concept car born from the creative prowess of Bertone’s Caprie Style Centre. Unveiled at the 1988 Turin Motor Show, the Genesis was not just an automobile; it was a bold exploration of the future of automotive design, pushing boundaries and defying conventions.

The Unfulfilled Promise of the Lancia Kayak

In the vibrant tapestry of automotive history, certain moments stand out as missed opportunities – instances where a concept car, though brimming with potential, fails to materialize into a production marvel. The Lancia Kayak, a sleek and sporty concept designed by Luciano D’Ambrosio and crafted by the renowned Italian coachbuilder Bertone, stands as one such lamentable example. Unveiled in 1995 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Kayak was poised to be a modern heir and reinterpretation of classic postwar Lancia coupés like the iconic Aurelia B20. In this article, we explore the distinctive features of the Lancia Kayak and delve into the reasons behind its unfortunate fate, contrasting it with the lackluster Lancia Kappa coupé that eventually made its way into production.

The Italian Jaguars: Stylish Symphony of Elegance and Innovation

Italian coachbuilders, renowned for their craftsmanship and design prowess, have left an indelible mark on the automotive world. The marriage of British engineering excellence with Italian design flair has resulted in some of the most striking and unique Jaguars to date. From the golden age of the XK series to the iconic E-Type and beyond, these coachbuilt creations showcase the collaborative brilliance of two automotive cultures.