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Lancia – Aurelia B55 Coupé Ghia


Vehicle Overview

In 1954, when the “second series” of the Aurelia sedan with the 2.3-liter engine came out, the construction of the chassis (B52, B53) for the coachbuilders ended. In the following two years (1955-56), however, according to the production records of Lancia, 14 chassis equipped with the 2266 cm³ engine were still built. This very limited production is distinguished by the initials B55 and B56, which, as in the case of the previous B52 and B53, identify two different chassis only for the value of the ratio to the axle adopted. Basically, these B55 and B56 chassis (B55S and B56S if left-hand drive) are used for “internal use” by Lancia or as the basis for some very particular Pininfarina creations: a B55 chassis (with shortened wheelbase) which gives rise to the last coupé of the PF200 series, a B56 chassis that is limousine bodywork, plus 4 or 5 B56 chassis that house the “Florida” series bodies. It should be noted that a chassis of this series is also sold to Ghia, which made this coupé.

Technical Specifications

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    Aurelia B55 Coupé
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