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Nucleus represents the synthesis of futurism and a human-centered mindset. It takes the Icona Neo Concept one step further by reconsidering the very way that we use a vehicle. Neo introduced us to tomorrow, Nucleus will introduce us to after-tomorrow. The Icona Nucleus embodies Icona’s vision for the future of mobility. First seen in 2015, the Icona Neo concept demonstrated a very tangible tomorrowt for the electric vehicle. With its fully autonomous driving level five, the Nucleus jumps two generations ahead. Inside the vehicle, the absence of a driver does not only mean the absence of a steering wheel and a dashboard, but the opportunity for a new understanding of mobile living spaces,where the focus is no longer the road but the destination.

The mono-volume exterior is unlike any vehicle you have ever seen. The shape looks purposeful and beautiful.
The profile and surfacing look as though the vehicle was shaped to move efficiently and quietly through the air. Being fully autonomous, there is no side glass in the traditional sense, rather semi-transparent bodycolor panels that allow the occupants to see out from the vehicle but remain shrouded for privacy while traveling.
The upper glass from windscreen to the complete roof is asymmetrical, divided into fully transparent and semitransparent glass, giving a distinct visual cue that this vehicle is something truly different. The Icona Nucleus
is a self-moving executive lounge: the body side is characterized by long elegant sculpting which emphasizes the luxury nature of the vehicle. Like a protective bubble, the Nucleus protects and embraces its passengers,
at the same time offering a stunning view of the outside, thanks to an extremely wide glass surface which constitutes the majority of the upper body.


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