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Lancia – Thema Style


Vehicle Overview

In 1989, with the advent of the successful second series of the Lancia Thema, the Carrozzeria Coriasco of Turin prepared this eclectic version called “Style”.

Leaving unchanged the external line of the original Thema, (except for alloy wheels), Coriasco prepared the interiors and seats differently from the standard cars, covering them with fine white or red leather with an exclusive design, the mats instead were in particular fabric . The already well-balanced dashboard was enriched with additional briar cladding, 11 in all, and the dashboard revised by the Body completed the exclusive leather-stitched steering wheel with the “Style” emblem in the center. According to Coriasco the Style could be tailor-made satisfying all requests and paying close attention to the details indicated by the customer.

Available with all engines already marketed by Lancia for Thema, i.e., i.e. 16 v, turbo 16v, V6, turbo ds, the “Style” had performance, weight, consumption and dimensions unchanged compared to the original Lancia Thema.
In addition to the optionals already made available by Lancia, Thema Style also offered alloy wheels (the two types alongside), and the remote-controlled alarm. Finally, it was also possible to install the radio telephone and HI-FI system.

Technical Specifications

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