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Est. 1905

Carrozzeria Barbi Spa was established in 1905 at Concordia (Modena) by Galileo Barbi; the first products were carriages pulled by horses. In 1911 the factory received the first prize at the International Exhibition in Paris; this was an important sing of the excellent quality and comfort of the coaches. At the beginning of motorization Galileo Barbi understood that he had to stop his old production in order to build coachworks for motorcars. The factory was enlarged and new equipment were bought; The first coachworks for motorcars were made on Fiat’s, Alfa Romeo’s, Ansaldo’s, OM’s, Lancia’s chassis, with very good result. Among his customers must be mentioned the unforgettable Tazio Nuvolari.In 1931 Barbi began a new production of industrial vehicles, vans, cabs for lorries, and ambulances; later Galileo started the more complicated production of coaches, at first with a wooden structure, and later with a tubolar steel structure. In 1932 the factory of Mirandola was enlarged, the number of workers was increased up to 70 men and new engineers were appointed to prepare skilled and competent workers. When the second world war broke out, the Barbi had to break off its production to make only ambulances, vans and military buses on behalf of the Navy Department till September 1943. At the end of the war, with the factory almost destroyed and without work, the Carrozzeria Barbi began to repair the damaged departments and tried to start the production again. Successfully the activity recommenced, and new technical of manufacturing were introduced. With its constant presence at every show (from Rosa D’Oro of Sanremo to many National and International Shows) and more success, the Barbi made itself know on the Italian market definitively for the variety of models and manufacturing techniques. When in 1962 Galileo Barbi died, his son Sirner continued his father’s works under the same style, as a bright example of perseverance, industry and honesty.In the 1970s some investments, such as new factory, and the recovery of the national market, took an increase of production and a constant improvement of quality, that has always been the most important strength of Carrozzeria Barbi.

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