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Est. 1947

The company was founded in 1947 by Onorio and Erasmo Campana, fresh from the pioneering Bacchelli e Bertolini. They began restoring and transforming the cars coming in from the battlefields (under ARAR, company for the acquisition of residual war materials), turning them into small trucks for local transport and for all nascent postwar activities, and also into hearses, ambulances and advertising vehicles. Onorio and Erasmo also created some homebuilt prototypes; for example, in 1948, they made a tiny boat on a FIAT Topolino chassis with a twin BMW (motorcycle) engine. Next came their partnership with Stanguellini, for whom they built car bodies like the 750 and the 1100. During the years of economic development, the Campana brothers also started to work on racing cars. Before long they were working with Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. In 1968 the two brothers separated, and Onorio Campana continued to work alongside his sons, Luigi and Franco. With an expanded body shop, specialised equipment and skilled workers, they began restoring historic cars and working on prototyping.

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