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Cantieri Aeronautici Bergamaschi


Est. 1927

Cantieri Aeronautici Bergamaschi was established in Ponte San Pietro in 1920 under the name Airone, assuming the new name in 1927 and in 1929 they became part of the Caproni Group. They were renamed Caproni Aeronautica Bergamasca (keeping the same acronym CAB) in 1938 and they built several famous airplanes, like the Ca.309 "Ghibli". At the end of the Second World War, the entire Caproni Group is in crisis due to the lack of orders. Therefore, a complex and ineffective conversion is attempted which involves all the numerous Group companies in a less rational way; CAB is intended for mechanical processing and skilled sheet metal workers are used to build bodywork for commercial vehicles and ambulances. The attempt, however, is not enough and, once the loans are exhausted, the Caproni Group was gradually liquidated. CAB closes in 1954.

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