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  • 1947 Villa d'Este


Est. 1931

Carrozzeria Colli was a coachbuilder founded in 1931 by Giuseppe Colli together with his four sons Beniamino, Mario, Tarcisio, Candido.The body shop was specialized in aluminum constructions. The first specimen created was a competition car that used the chassis and mechanics of the Fiat 1100. They later used chassis of Fiat 500, Lancia Astura and Aprilia as basis for new constructions.During the second world war the Carrozzeria worked for the military aeronautics, and after the conflict it got back to create bodies. After the war he produced other specimens based on the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS and on the Lancia Aprilia Notable is a for the Villa d’Este elegance competition, Fiat 500 barchetta. In 1946 Colli built the Colli PL 2C, a prototype of aerocar.Carrozzeria Colli began to collaborate with Alfa Romeo for the construction of bodies for the 6C 3000CM and a variant of the Disco Volante. In the sixties, the company continued to work for Alfa Romeo, creating bodies for the Giulietta and for the Giulia. In 1955, Carrozzeria Colli built the body of a Formula 1 car on behalf of Arzani-Volpini, using a Maserati as a base that fitted a four-cylinder in-line engine of 1500 cc with supercharging. The Carrozzeria Colli was active until 1973.

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