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Fiandri & Malago


Est. 1950

In 1950 Celestino Fiandri and Duilio Malagoli quittheir job as Fantuzzi employeesat Maserati and opened a small workshopin a former stable in via Canaletto, in Modena.Maserati was their main customer, for which they produced mechanical components and over all, aluminum bodies; set up someA6GCS, 150 S and 200 the business was going to expand, infact they've opened a new headquarters in via de Gavasseti, in 1954.The withdrawal of Maserati from the races, however, the pruchase orders decreasesstrongly the two partner had to change business and finda new road; they progressively abandoned the automotive sector and in 1963 they open anew plant dedicated to metal productsfor municipal administrations, specializingin garbage bins and street furniture, activities thatthe Fiandri Workshops continue today.

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