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Est. 1950

It was founded in 1922 by Piero Mantelli, who took over the previous "Carrozzeria Italiana" coachbuilder . Initially the body shop was based in Piazza Rebaudengo 27 in Turin, which has always been one of the European capitals of the automobile, especially in the first three decades of the 20th century. From the first years of activity he specialized in body historical brands of that time such as Diatto and Ansaldo. In the thirties, however, he dedicated himself to the production of bodywork for industrial vehicles, but the arrival of the Second World War interrupted his activity, a situation heavily aggravated by the bombing of the plants, which took place on 13 July 1943. The activity could only be resumed in 1950 by the two sons of Piero Mantelli, but the old plants were not rebuilt. Others were simply used, based in Dusino San Michele (AT), along the S.S.10. Also in this new life, the Mantelli coachbuilder devoted itself in to industrial vehicles. But after a few years, he returned to cars, and in particular he ventured into the field of custom-built cars on a Fiat basis. In this regard, its specials produced in small series, mainly built on chassis of various FIAT models. Particularly original is the "Giardinetta" version of the Fiat 600 Multipla, the 4-door conversions of the Fiat 600 and 850, as well as the elegant "Midget" spider, based on Fiat 1100/103, inspired by the MG TF. The Fiat 217 Superambulanza, presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1964, with which Carrozzeria Mantelli outlined an emergency vehicle equipped for medical assistance during transport aroused great admiration. This creation had no sequel, perhaps because it was too ahead of its time. The coachbuilder closed in 1965.

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