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Est. 1945

Meteor was founded in 1946 by race car driver Dario from Monte Casoni and based in Varese. They created very limited amount of sports cars through the late forties. Their achievements, with extremely elegant finishes, were mainly addressed to a post agonisitico and, indeed, the extremely sophistication of aerodynamics and bodywork consists of an extremely light, so the weight was only around 150kg. The first 1100 Coupe built could easily to reach 145km/h without any mechanical detail. In addition to this coupe with the same Dal Monte Casoni took part in some races, was made a spider, either on Fiat chassis 1100A is about Lancia Aprilia. Météor prepared some pure sports cars, also on a Fiat 1100, Fiat 500 or Aprilia chassis, which were developed by engineering and preparatory Nando Tajana and Samuele Baggioli.

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