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Neri & Bonacini


Est. 1963

Neri and Bonacini, also known as Nembo, was a small carrozzeria and mechanic shop based in Modena, Italy, active from the late 1950s to around 1967. Founded and run by Giorgio Neri and Lucciano Bonacini, the shop worked on and produced bodies for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati road and race cars, both in an official capacity for those manufacturers and for private owners. Their best known projects are the Ferrari 250 GT-based Nembo spiders and the Lamborghini 400GT Monza. Neri and Bonacini also designed a car under their own name, the Neri and Bonacini Studio GT Due Litri. Two prototypes of this car were made between 1966-1968 but it never entered series production. The shop closed around 1967 when Bonacini went to work for De Tomaso and Neri started his own shop, Motors-World-Machines (MWM). The nickname of the firm, "Nembo," was invested by Tom Meade because it was a convenient contraction of the proprietors' names and because it evoked the Nembo Kid, an Italian comic book version of Superman. The Nembo Ferraris were designed by Tom Meade (the designer also of the Ferrari Thomassimas) and executed in great detail by Neri and Bonacini.

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