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When Vittorio Pitton opened his Carrozzeria, in the factory that was previously owned by Galvani, in via Colonna (Pordenone), even today, the pavement of the small body shop, which closed its doors in 1978, still exists - covered by vegetation - next to the San Carlo lake. Love for cars has always been in Pitton's blood, and thanks to his cars he was also saved from the Nazis. In 1944, arrested and loaded on trucks by German soldiers, he managed to jump from the truck in Viale Marconi. Taking refuge in the Fiat dealership that was there at the time, the mechanics hastily put a suit on him and pushed him under a car, pretending to work. Then, when the conflict was over, the activity started. A bodywork different from how it is understood today, because that time the machines were built and rebuilt. In fact, all kinds of cars came out of via Colonna. In particular, until the late 1950s, Pitton produced many industry vehicles. A truck was created from a car, to load goods and tools. And the production of cars was based on the creation of particular specimens. Fiat and Lancia chassis entered the bodywork, and unique pieces came out.

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