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Est. 1962

Carrozzeria Sargiotto was founded by the Italian coachbuilder Giorgio Sargiotto. Sargiotto had run from 1946 to 1961 the from him founded coachbuilder Monterosa in Turin. He worked in the 1960s with various Fiat and Lancia models in small series creating estate cars and coupes and in 1960 also a one-off of the high-performance sports car Maserati 5000 GT. After Monterosa got bankrupt in 1961, Giorgio Sargiotto went to Japan for about a year, where he worked as a design consultant, after this experience he came back to italy and founded Carrozzeria Sargiotto. The most notable model is the first Lamborghini model 350GTV designed by Franco Scaglione and build in collaboration with Neri & Bonaccini.

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