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Giuliano Silli: Carrozzeria Allemano Torino

The most exhaustive text regarding a little known Turin coachbuilder: Serafino Allemano.
After more than two years of research, between archives and – unfortunately – very few testimonies, Giuliano Silli with this book, has been able in showing a story of a man, whose life was silently marked by his working times: activities that allowed him to gain space between the big names in the history of Motoring. The story of Allemano in the first fifteen / twenty years  immediately after the Second World War, when the most established names of the moment, such as Pininfarina or Bertone, were the spearhead of Italian Carrozzeria. Thanks to the collaboration with Giovanni Michelotti and an executive quality of other times, Carrozzeria Allemano managed to secure a leading position in the history of Italian Style; prestigious atelier from which cars such as the Coupé FIAT 1100 TV, the Maserati 5000 GT, all the Abarth touring cars of the early Sixties were released.

They are just some of the many examples of the great esteem obtained by the most prestigious national and international car manufacturers, one of which, the Japanese Prince, allowed Allemano to achieve a record: having opened new opportunities for Italian creativity in the land of the Rising Sun.

Text Italian and English

  • Author: Silli Giuliano
  • Publication date: 2017
  • Text: Italian / English
  • Pages: 200
  • Size: 23 x 30 cm
  • Language: English, Italian
  • Buy it here: Amazon
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The Siata 1100 GT shares its bodywork with the Fiat 1100 Charmant, both made by Vignale. Designed by Michelotti, this little yellow gem is part of the Milano Classiche collection in the province of Varese, near Milan.