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Alfa Romeo – TZ3 Corsa

Born in 2009 as Phase I of the celebratory programme for the Alfa Romeo centenary, the TZ3 Zagato Corsa is a racer, a one-off conceived to commemorate the men and the cars of the racing history of the two Milanese brands: Scuderia Ferrari, Alfa Corse, Autodelta and Scuderia Zagato. Commissioned by the Alfa Romeos collector Martin Kapp, like the gentlemen drivers used to do in the past, this car won the Villa d’Este Design Award in 2010. The TZ3 Zagato Corsa is built on a carbon fibre tub and equipped with pure racing mechanics, coupled to a tubular chassis and a light bodywork made of hand beaten aluminium panels.

Vehicle Overview

The Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Zagato is the first of the two versions to come out on the market, and it could not be otherwise, in fact, in addition to being an automotive concept and therefore anticipating the lines of the road car, it faithfully reflects the racing spirit of the historic sisters based on Giulia. It is a high-performance one-off, completely handcrafted, presented to the public at the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’Este, where it wins the Design Concept Award 2010. The car is to all intents and purposes a racing car, and was born with this purpose: the Milanese body shop, in fact, has been keen to specify since its presentation on Lake Como that it is not just an exercise in style but a real racing car, aimed at representing all the successes in competitions during the twentieth century. The car is destined to remain a one-off and is owned by the person who financed it: Martin Kapp, a famous collector of Zagato Alfa Romeos.

Technical Specifications

  • Body
  • Year
  • Make
    Alfa Romeo
  • Model
  • Coachbuilder
  • Length (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Photo credits
  • Engine Type
  • Designer
    Norihiko Harada

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