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The front and rear plastic shields with a double styling and protection function was also offered by Berone to Audi in the prototype of the 50 model, already defined in general line terms in readinessof thre car launch onto the market that was scheduled for september 1974. Built on the unfied platform of the future Volkswagen polo and with a wheelbase of 2335 mm, the Audi 50 also ad the engine-transmission group (front wheel drive, four-cylinder 1093 cc engine, 50hp at 5800 rpm) of the small VW. The intervention of Bertone meant Audi’s four ring logo was clearly displayed on all the graphic elements of the body, from the four circolar openings on the radiator grill to the four round inserted in the rear shield and the round fuel tank door, as well as being repeated on the other side; the rear window deeply sunken into the hatback was also point of interest. Without all those reiterative graphics, the Audi 50 went into production and continued to be manufacted until 1978.

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