Chrysler – D’Elegance


Vehicle Overview

The 1952 D’Elegance featured an emblematic Euro-style design both inside and out. The interior had a cream dashboard, red-highlighted instrument panel and plush leather seats that folded forward to reveal matching hand luggage. This model inspired Chrysler’s 1998 concept car, the Chronos, and is an example of how Chrysler’s bloodlines reappear in current designs. If the Ghia-built D’Elegance looks familiar, it should. Though little appreciated for some years, Volkswagen acquired manufacturing rights to this design, which was then downscaled by Ghia to fit the chassis of VW’s small, 1930s-era Beetle sedan. Germany’s Karosserie Karmann was contracted as body supplier for what was introduced in late 1954 as the VW Karmann-Ghia — a gross misnomer, as the Italian firm had nothing to do with the original styling as it was designed by Virgil Exner. It was one of the few times Ex didn’t get the credit he deserved.

Technical Specifications

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    Virgil Exner

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