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One of the greatest ambitions of any carrozziere is to te able to design a top-of-the -range Citroën, a special car, which has been the lending upper class saloon for decades. Nuccio Bertone enjoyed just such a task when he was commissioned by the french manufacturer in 1986 to design a two volume body in line with the typical imposition of the brand but packed with original aesthetic features; the honed shape of the front end, the staggered play of the belt line, the integral windows along the whole perimeter of the cockpit. The XM, the french manufacturer’s most fully developped model, made its debut in May 1989 and immediately became a star. Built on a 2850 mm wheelbase, the car was offered with six different engines that ranged from the four cylinder 1998cc, 145 hp at 6200 rpm to the V6 2975 cc, 200 hp at 6000 rpm. The Citroën XM was 4710 mm long, 1795 mm wide and 1385 mm high, with top speed declared by the manufacturer of 205-235 km/h.

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