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Ferrari – 250 GT Coupé Corsa


Vehicle Overview

In May 1956, Zagato created the second 250 GTZ on chassis no. 0537 GT. The car was built for Camillo Luglio, who consolidated the tradition of gentlemen drivers who invested in a Zagato body to boost the speed and performance of cars that were already extremely competitive. The car was commissioned and built in record time, and the white or grey paint that can be seen in a few rare period photographs, was in fact a coat of primer on raw sheet metal. The car was delivered shortly before the Vermicino-Rocca Di Papa race, in which Luglio took second place, even though he was not familiar with the car or the circuit. The car’s definitive paintwork would be grey with a longitudinal red band on the bonnet. It won numerous events, including the Coppa D’oro of the Dolomites, the Giro delle Calabrie, and the Italian championship in 1956.

Technical Specifications

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    250 GT Coupé
  • Coachbuilder
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