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Ferrari – 330 GTC

Throughout the mid-1960s, Ferrari enjoyed a considerable run of success with its road cars. The diverse 250-series laid a solid foundation for the future production car program, and machines like the sublime 275 GTB did a magnificent job of building upon that base. By the later part of the decade, Ferrari had a noticeable gap between the hard-edged and sporting 275 and the softer, four-passenger 330 GT 2+2 grand tourer. Ferrari recognized sufficient demand for a car that fits between those two – a comfortable GT car with luggage space for a weekend’s journey but packed into a smaller, more nimble chassis with a powerful V12 engine. Enter the 330 GTC, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The elegant Pininfarina styling drew heavily from the somewhat conservative open-topped 275 GTS, combining elements of the big 500 Superfast in the graceful roofline. Judged alongside the 275 GTB with its classic long bonnet/short deck proportions, the 330 GTC was more open and airy, but it’s taut, compact dimensions subtly hinted at its capabilities with just a touch of aggression.

Vehicle Overview

Backing the gorgeous styling was Ferrari’s 3,960 c.c. SOHC V12 engine, fed by a trio of Weber carburetors to make 300 horsepower. Like the 275 GTB, the GTC had a rear-mounted 5-speed transaxle to provide balanced weight distribution. Suspension was by independent wishbones and Koni dampers at all four corners, with powerful disc brakes all around. The mechanical spec was relatively straightforward in Ferrari terms, yet it came together with a particular harmony that made the 330 GTC one of the finest grand touring cars of all time. Comfortable, fast, and with superb practicality, the 330 GTC is a benchmark 1960s Italian driver’s car, built to cover long distances at high speed, all the while cosseting occupants in a richly appointed cabin. Ferrari hit a home run with the GTC, with 598 examples produced between 1966 and 1968, and spawning several exclusive models including an open-roof GTS, and the “factory hot-rod” 365 GTC. The 330 GTC is still considered one of the very best front engine V12 Ferrari driver’s cars of all time, and in the past 10-15 years, values skyrocketed as enthusiasts rediscovered just how great it is as an all-round performance car.

Photo courtesy of Hyman Ltd.

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    330 GTC
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    Hyman Ltd
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