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At the Turin Motor Show, Fioravanti presents the open version of the F100, F100r roadster.
This study completes the programme which began with the “challenge” coupé at the ’98 Turin Show and continued with the roadster coupé at the ’99 Milan Triennial Show.  The aim of the research was to define forms which would greatly improve comfort, reducing the tiresome air turbulence of open cars.
The result was an innovative multispherical-type windscreen, aerodynamically projected to create air flows which are guided to the rear of the vehicle thus shielding the heads of the passengers. Besides fulfilling this aerodynamic function, the streamlined hull behind the passengers acts as a roll-bar and incorporates engine air-vents and helmet storage. A perforated depression zone releases air from the bonnet. Two cameras have been attached to the sides of the windscreen to facilitate rear vision. The interior of the vehicle reproduces the very innovative characteristics of the coupé model.
Our thanks and appreciation go to Cecomp Spa for their collaboration in realizing the prototype.

Technical Specifications

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    Leonardo Fioravanti

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