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The Fiat 850 can safely be called one of the most successful models of the brand. The 850 was produced from 1964 to 1973, with its mechanicals having evolved from the Fiat 600. The body of the 850 came in many different versions, such as Sedan, Coupé, Minivan and Convertible. The convertible, the Spider, was designed by Bertone. Some 150,000 examples were produced. Much less known is another car that Bertone created, one based on the 850: the Racer. The Racer was a Coupé, or, to be more precise, a Spider that had a hardtop and whose lines were different from those of the Coupés that left the Fiat factory more commonly. Only 4,000 Bertone Racers were built, most of them for the American market. Many of the Racers have not survived the wear and tear that comes with time and it is estimated that only a few dozens of them remain.

Technical Specifications

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    850 Racer
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