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The Ghia Arioso concept is a design study for a 4-seat sports coupe on the versatile Ford Mondeo, Contour and Mystique platform using the 2.6 liter 24-valve V6 powerplant to create a roomy, flexible and attractive vehicle. In the Arioso concept, Ghia has proposed making its aluminum space frame part of the design, taking a structural part of the chassis and using it, unadorned, as a design element.

The Ghia Arioso concept is designed for construction from modular lightweight carbon fiber body panels that are easily replaceable should repair be necessary, mounting directly to the aluminum space frame. It also proposes a retractable sunroof and rear window assembly. Mounted in tracks integral with the curved roof, the rear window and sunroof panels would retract into a compartment behind the rear seats. In Ghia’s concept the sunroof itself would also retract separately, giving the Ghia Arioso concept a multi-functional utility ranging from a fully open convertible to a fully weather-protected coupe.

It’s body design is highlighted by the aggressive nose with a split wide oval air intake and ovoid transparent covers over projector-style head and marker lights. The tail lights are vivid red slashes high on the edges of the rear deck, with angle cut dual exhaust pipes projecting through the bodywork. The body is tightly wrapped over the space frame structure and defines the wheel arches for a purposeful appearance.

The Ghia Arioso concept is a non-functional platform built of fiberglass with plexiglass glazing. It rides on 250/50 ZR 17 Pirelli P700-Z tires and has a dummy interior with no access through the doors. The paint is poorly applied, with some orange peel and fisheyes, but is sound and is not scratched or worn. Airy, light, the Ghia Arioso concept is just that.

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