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Innocenti – IM3

In 1963, Innocenti made an agreement with BMC to build a variant of the Ado 16 in Italy. The car was launched in 1964 under the name of IM3 (Innocenti-Morris 3rd model).

Vehicle Overview

Compared to the original Morris 1100, the front had been restyled by Pininfarina, with vertically developing headlights and a wider grille. The interiors were more refined; it had a dashboard covered in satin aluminum, more welcoming and shaped seats, the floor covered with carpet (instead of rubber) and a more complete set of accessories. The 55hp 1.100 engine of the Vanden Plas and MG versions was adopted.

The selling price was higher than the larger Fiat 1500 as it aimed at a clientele who sought superior finishes and equipment, but did not want demanding engines and dimensions.

It met with some success, also for its performance, so much so that in 1965 the Innocenti launched a cheaper version, able to compete more directly with the Fiat 1100: the 14, basically a version identical to the original Morris 1100. In the 1966 the 14 S was launched, with the engine of the IM3. Production ended in 1974.

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