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The Volvo GTZ and GTZ 3000 are Swedish concept cars built for Volvo. Both were designed by Zagato, with the GTZ debuting at the 1969 Turin Auto Show on the Zagato stand and the GTZ 3000 debuting the following year at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.

Motauto, the Italian importer for Volvo, commissioned the design for the GTZ in 1969 from Italian design house Zagato. Motauto had previously tried to influence Volvo to add another sports car offering to their lineup alongside the P1800, having already debuted an updated design by Carrozzeria Fissore for that car at the 1965 Turin Auto Show, as sports cars were very popular at that time in Italy. Volvo had, however, refused saying that they wanted to put more resources into the family cars they were known for and that the P1800 was selling well already so there was no need to update or replace it. The GTZ concept did find a private buyer at the Turin show but Volvo said they were not interested in producing it but hinted that they may be if the car were to be fitted with a different engine. The current whereabouts of the GTZ are unclear.

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