De Tomaso – Zonda

De Tomaso presented this Coupé designed by Tom Tjaarda back in 1971 (altough the first sketch was done by Giulia Moselli, ex Italdesign) at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on a shortened Deauville chassis, it feature a 5.7 V8 Ford engine. The Zonda was intendes for the american market but Ford declined to import it to the US because the forecast retail price of $ 14,000 did not suggest profitable sales. De Tomaso alone was unable to develop the Zonda to series production. Therefore the project was not pursued further.

Year 1971
Coachbuilder Ghia
Brand De Tomaso
Model Zonda
Production Concept
Units build 1
Designer Tom Tjaarda
Engine V8 Engine
cc 5700

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