Fiat – 600 Rendez Vous

The introduction of the Fiat 600 in 1955 meant the start of the era of Italian mass mobility. For the first time in their lives many Italians could afford to have their own motor car.
Vignale was eager to produce their own interpretations on the Fiat 600 right from its introduction. The Rendez vous, introduced in 1955 and in production in small series until 1959, was regularly to be seen on motor shows. Soon the Rendez vous was accompanied by a whole range of 600’s, including a number of beach vehicles and designs based on that awkward MPV, the Multipla.

Year 1955
Coachbuilder Vignale
Brand Fiat
Model 600 Rendez Vous
Production Limited
Designer Giovanni Michelotti
cc 767
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