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ARES Design Panther ProgettoUno upgrades enhance driver experience

• Updates include ARES-designed electro-actuated manual gearbox, giving the feel of manual control.

• All-new bespoke exhaust system delivers distinctive and exciting engine note.

• Sportier set-up with 21” rear wheels offers even more performance feel for driving enjoyment.

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has revealed a series of updates to its Panther ProgettoUno, all designed to amplify the driving experience of its owners, in the spirit of the 1970s Pantera that inspired it.

The first supercar delivered by the Modena-based coachbuilder, the V10 Panther sports a new gearbox, a revamped exhaust system and a sportier set-up.

One of the main upgrades is the new Leva Cambio Manuale Elettroattuata (electro-actuated manual gear stick lever) drive system. The system acts like a sequential gearbox, with a more traditional H-pattern function, giving the driver the sensation of manually changing gear as the actuators work in parallel with the gear selector switches, mounted behind the steering wheel.

The stunning ProgettoUno houses an updated exhaust system that has three settings – Corsa, Strada and Pista.

Conceived to give the car its new, distinctive and throaty sound, the exhaust pipes are designed in a cross shape. The engineers also incorporated a series of bypass valves, enhancing the flow of the exhaust gasses through the car.

The new exhaust system not only improves the Panther’s performance, but also gives the car its distinctive sound, which has been researched and refined by ARES’ R&D Department.

On the exterior, the coachbuilder has replaced the wheels with lighter and stiffer rims made from billet aluminium and increased the rear wheels to 21 inches.

ARES Technical Director Andrea Donati, commented: “We always put our customers experiences at the heart of our cars, which is why we continue to refine the experience. We are very happy with the updates to the car; the new gearbox gives the driver the option of enjoying what is essentially a manual driving experience with all the thrill of driving a supercar, while the upgrade to the exhaust will produce a thrilling performance sound which can be dialled up or down as the driver wishes.”

We are all about the experience, the thrill of driving; driving for the love of driving. These upgrades more than deliver that, whether the customer is a veteran driver or a motorist who simply loves driving for the sheer joy of it.”

The coachbuilder has also confirmed its new price of 334.900 €, excluding the donor car and the VAT.

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In a harmonious fusion of heritage and innovation, Morgan Motor Company and Pininfarina S.p.A. proudly present Midsummer, a limited series special project celebrating over two centuries of coachbuilding excellence.

The Midsummer barchetta design pays homage to the iconic European coachwork style while showcasing the timeless silhouette flexibility of Morgan vehicles. Crafted on the latest Morgan CX-Generation Bonded Aluminium platform, each Midsummer boasts a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a dynamic driving experience.

Central to Midsummer’s allure is the sensory connection it fosters between occupants and machine, achieved through its distinctive style and character. Encapsulating this connection is the exterior’s remarkable use of sustainable teak wood, meticulously laminated to create sculpted wood structures surrounding the cockpit and defining a distinctive shoulder line.

Crafted by hand, each aluminium body panel demands over 250 hours of meticulous labour, a testament to the dedication of Morgan’s skilled artisans. Collaborative efforts between Morgan and Pininfarina’s designers and engineers have resulted in a final design that is both surprising and unique.

Limited to just 50 units, all of which have been eagerly claimed by customers following exclusive preview sessions, Midsummer marks a milestone in automotive craftsmanship. Each vehicle is adorned with the “Pininfarina Fuoriserie” badge, a first for a production car, signifying its exceptional status.

Massimo Fumarola, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, expressed pride in Midsummer, stating, “We are incredibly proud to unveil Midsummer, a limited series special project that celebrates two centuries of coachbuilding and embodies the core values of Morgan. It represents the pinnacle of our talented workforce’s craftsmanship.”

Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP Sales & Marketing of Pininfarina, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Together with Morgan, we are proud to lead the coachbuilding movement. This extraordinary collaboration brings together Morgan’s century-old bodybuilding philosophy with Pininfarina’s nearly 95 years of tradition in designing and crafting bespoke vehicles.”

Midsummer’s design journey was marked by intense collaboration, with designers and engineers from both companies working closely to translate shared ideals into reality. The result is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Morgan’s rich heritage with Pininfarina’s timeless design language.

From its striking exterior to its meticulously crafted interior, Midsummer embodies the essence of automotive excellence. With its limited production and unparalleled craftsmanship, Midsummer promises to become a coveted collector’s item, cherished by enthusiasts for generations to come