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Est. 1949

The company was founded in Modena in 1949, in the Crocetta district, as a cooperative, following the enormous request resulting from the reconstruction of the town. Initially the company was dedicated to the repair of all types of vehicles, from cars to industrial vehicles. Over time, the company's business grew, gradually abandoning the repair business to focus on bus production and outfitting. During the 1970s, the company specialized in outfitting city and suburban buses, initially on Fiat 418 chassis, then on Siccar 176 and 177 chassis. Subsequently, the production of the "I80" model on Iveco 370 basis was started. , of the unfortunate Alice, on a Siccar 283 chassis, and the popular minibus "Pollicino". In the early 1990s, CAM signed an agreement with the German MAN AG for the mass production of low-profile buses: the Busotto, the Tango and the Alè, innovative and widely used vehicles throughout the country, were born; the MAN NL263 and UL313 Regional models are also fitted for the Italian market. In the early 2000s the company, following the sharp contraction of the bus market nationwide, and the poor company management, suffered a severe blow. An agreement with Volvo for the sale in Italy of the urban buses produced by the Swedish company is also sinking; after the delivery of the last Busottos in 2003, the company definitively closed its doors.

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