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Est. 1946

Carrozzeria Monviso was established in Turin, founded in 1944, during a war/postwar period in which starting a coachbuild company, was really an act of great courage. Against all odds, Monviso managed to survive and even thrive, producing several cars on existing chassis, particularly Fiat and Lancia. A very original line was the 1949 Lancia Aprilia coupe, a two door with wraparound rear window that included the rear side windows. In the early fifties the company specialized in the construction of two spider models named Stella Alpina and Rondine, which had a notable success with public sales. The first was built on a Fiat 1100b and 1100E chassis, the second on the Fiat 1400. One of the latest creations by Carrozzeria Monviso, was the Stella Filante model, a spider built on a Fiat 1100TV frame with removable plexiglass designed by Michelotti. In 1954, Carrozzeria Monviso was absorbed by Ghia.

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