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Est. 1943

Founded as a simple mechanical workshop producing appliances, it did not begin a real activity in the field of automobiles until 1951. The official presentation of it first model at the Turin Motor Show, derived from the Fiat 1100 and characterized by a very particular line, dates back to 1957 halfway between a sedan and a coupe. The Fiat 1300 Coupé "Sportinia" from 1962 designed by Giovanni Michelotti and built by Scioneri. This will be the type of car that will characterize Scioneri production also for the years to come with models derived from standard Fiat, in particular from Fiat "1100/1200" (1958), "1300/1500" (1961), "600 D" (1963), "850" (1964), "124" and "125" (1966-1968). Scioneri also done some redesigns from Lancia specimens ("Appia") and Alfa Romeo ("Giulietta") in 1959, and from the "850" spider of 1964.The last transformation in Scioneri's life dates back to 1969, after he abandoned the production of complete new bodyworks for just simple modifications of the series models of standard Fiat going on for over twenty years. The latest achievements have been set up on the basis of the Panda (called "Valentina"), the 127 (called "Queen"), the Cinquecento, the Uno and the Tipo.Despite its small size, Scioneri has also worked with great designers such as Giovanni Michelotti who designed various models on Fiat chassis, including the 600 Coupé and Spider, 850 Coupé and Spider, 1100-103 / 1200 and the 1300-1500 sedan and coupe.

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