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Category Winner
  • 1928 C d'E Torino
  • 1935 C d'E Torino
  • 1935 Viareggio
  • 1950 C d'E Roma
  • 2021 Classic Gala
  • 1960 C d'E Roma
  • 1937 C d'E Torino
  • 2008 Pebble Beach
  • 1956 C d'E Campione d'Italia
Best in Show
  • 1935 C d'E Torino
Special Prize
  • 1935 Viareggio


Est. 1921

Carrozzeria Viotti was an Italian coachbuilding company active between 1921 and 1964. The company was founded in Turin, Italy by Vittorio Viotti. Designers like Frua and Mario Revelli worked for the company. It was the first coachbuilding companies in Italy to set up a proper production line.In 2012 the Chinese automobile manufacturer Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. (former Jonway) acquired the trademark of the Carrozzeria Viotti and relaunch the company founded a new headquarters in Rivoli, Turin. The new business found in hybrid vehicles, design and engineering of sportcars. Emanuele Bomboi was the head of the design. In 2014 Carrozzeria Viotti acquired the original American trademark Willys, and together the Italian Fabbrica Italiana Maggiora introduce at the Bologna Motor Show the 'Willys AW380 Berlinetta', a concept car inspired by the original Willys Interlagos, assembled by Willys in Brazil under license of the Alpine A108.

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