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Ares Design inaugurates its first swiss Studio in St Moritz

• Italian coachbuilder ARES opens its doors to its St Moritz studio
• 280 square meter boutique to present the ultimate in bespoke automotive design
• One of five new European premises for the Italian coachbuilder

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has opened the the doors to its first Swiss studio in St Moritz this week.

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Located on Via Maistra, the studio provides customers with an immersive brand experience and unparalleled customer service; as the Italian company showcases its coachbuilding skills, artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

On display at the 280 square meter studio is the company’s recently launched S1 Project, its sumptuous ARES Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne, the commanding ARES Ultra V Eight 1.2 for the Land Rover Defender, its hand-crafted ARES Scrambler for BMW R nineT motorbike and the ARES Cabrio for Tesla Model S.

The opening is one of five new studios across Europe. It marks a significant milestone for the company as it brings the ARES experience closer to its customers in key territories. Visitors will have a choice of exquisite finishes and colour palettes to choose from, alongside the finest leathers and carbon fibre interiors, paint finishes, trims and luxurious fabrics.

The luxurious boutique will play a vital role in the company’s Co-Create philosophy, where both collectors, connoisseurs, customers and designers can work hand-in-hand to build bespoke one-off vehicles – an offering unique to ARES.

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Historically, ARES has only presented its vehicles at prestigious events such as Italy’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the Monte Carlo Yacht Show, and Salon Privé in the UK and the openings its global studios mark a significant milestone for the company.

ARES was founded six years ago and employs 150 people at its 23,000 square metre facility in Modena Italy. The company uses a fusion of artisanal craftmanship and modern-day technology to create and hand-built bespoke one-off and limited-series vehicles for customers from around the world.

Commenting CEO and Co-founder Dany Bahar said: “We are delighted to open this new studio. At ARES, we offer a unique opportunity for customers to build their very own vehicles, to their exact specification. And these new personalisation studios will allow more customers to do exactly that, to realise their dream vehicle and be part of the creation process.

Chairman and Co-Founder Waleed Al Ghafari commented: “The opening of the St Moritz studio marks a significant point in ARES’ development as we take the brand to our customers in key territories. St Moritz is an important location for us and we are very proud about bringing ARES and its Made in Italy marque of hand-built vehicles to Switzerland and this stunning part of Europe.

ARES will also be opening studios in Kitzbühel, Zurich, Munich and its hometown of Modena.

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To celebrate more than two centuries of experience Morgan Motor Company will collaborate with Pininfarina on a vehicle to be unveiled in 2024.

A Morgan designed by Pininfarina

Morgan’s historic headquarters, is located in England, on Pickersleigh Road near Malvern Link in Worcestershire. This is the only place in the world where Morgans are built, all unique cars assembled by hand using ash wood, aluminum and leather. From the union of this craftsmanship with Pininfarina’s style we expect a lot.

For now there are no further details, as they will be announced in 2024 during Morgan’s 115th year, however, along with the release was released the cover image, a kind of “postcard” of what it will be, a glimpse of the past combined with modern design in very deep colors that evoke tradition and elegance.

Limited edition

Since each Morgan is handmade to order, it is safe to assume that this special Morgan by Pininfarina already has a collector waiting for it. We will know more in the coming months, in the meantime let’s read with attection what Massimo Fumarola, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said:

“Bodywork is the very essence of creating a car, and it is something we have nurtured and protected at Morgan. We have found that working by hand and not through automation and letting the heart of the creator shape a line or object is what allows the spirit of our company to shine. For us, bodywork also has an ethical significance. Making something with our hands allows us to fully understand and appreciate raw materials and to respect the environment in which they are created. Bodywork is not constrained by trends and boundaries, as we are discovering through this collaboration. The shared passion between Morgan and Pininfarina is evident and we look forward to sharing much more with our community in due course.”